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Bay Blackwell Walton

The first time I became Daddigyrl I was like wow ! 

I got kids with somebody that I had wanted for so long. It wasn't easy at first, I had to get use to it because I was only use to running the streets but when these Lil guys came in my life I changed for the better. My sons have given me life and now I have another one on the way. 

My life couldn't get any better than this....

I just love being a Daddigyrl to my kids.

Raye-Lyn Addison Hocutt

 I really was feeling out of place and kinda like where's my place ? So when I found your site and this really great word that touched my heart in so many ways. I'm about to be a Daddigyrl and not much support from the fam..The biological father is but isn't in the picture.  I've been with my wifey going on two years. She knows I wanna take this child as my own , and in my heart I have. I needed a site like this. Thanks so much, I thought I was alone. I woman, who's a stud, but who is in the role of husband/wife/Daddigyrl/whatever her parents think.  For 15 months.( Now 2 years)...I've been a daddigyrl!!! Taking care of mine!!! Making plans to have another next year  (2018)

Taunia Spor-T-Red Mason


I  am the CoFounder of Daddigyrl. Being a Daddigyrl is one of the reasons  why I breath! Yes! I am a Stud and I love my kids and wouldn't trade  them for the world , which is why I will always fight for lgbt rights. I  don't mind the stares or the question's. Its always funny to me when my  neighbor or other people that are observing my family say's " So you are  are a normal family!" I have 3 Kids and I'm legally married to their  Mother.  I'm also a Gran Daddigyrl t and I love him to pieces. My kids  don't consider me a step-parent and neither does my parents. Taking a stand and educating people about the other Parents in the lgbt  community. We are family and blood isnt the only way to make a family, Love is  key and we have plenty of that.

Johnni Davis

I am the Founder of Daddigyrl and I have 4 son's and 3 daughters. They reside in California, Texas and Louisiana. Being a Daddigyrl can be hard,especially because ALL my kids are grown. .

 I have a Great relationship with each of them and every year I vacation  in two different States. Parenting doesn't stop at 18. I'm a Gran Daddigyrl too, I have 6 Grand Kids who I also love so much.